Chris Green

Chris Green is a London based British composer and sound designer. He has produced music and sound for many high profile adverts, computer games and channel idents, as well as documentaries for leading broadcasters such as BBC One and National Geographic.  He is currently working on the sequel to the BAFTA award winning The Room computer game, created by Fireproof Games.
In 2007 Chris graduated from the world-renowned Tonmeister degree gaining prestigious prizes for his professional placement and recording portfolio. He then went on to study at the Royal College of Music as a scholar under the tutelage of David Burnand, receiving a Masters in Composition for Screen in 2010. During his studies Chris won scholarships and awards from the Lucy Ann Jones, Stanley Bligh, Ann Driver, Seary and Henry Wood Trusts. He also built up a large network of world class musicians that he regularly draws upon to play on his compositions.
While still at university, he began his career working in-house with the Award Winning computer game audio teams of Electronic Arts and Criterion Games, creating audio for AAA games such as the Harry Potter and Burnout series. In 2009 he joined Delicious Digital (a Sony and Promax award winning music production company) as a freelance composer and creative sound designer, writing music for worldwide commercial campaigns including BBC Sport, Oakley and Carlsberg.
Chris specialises in electronically manipulating real world sound sources and instruments to create diverse and evocative music, soundscapes and sound design. He scores in many musical styles and is equally confident creating electronic scores or orchestral and instrumental works. His cutting edge technical proficiency combined with classical training have allowed him to produce highly personal scores, and develop a distinctive and in-demand compositional voice.
Chris most recently completed scores for AAA game Need for Speed: Most Wanted with Criterion Games/Electronic Arts. worldwide documentary feature Ronaldo Tested To The Limit, and the music and sound design for the audio re-branding of TV channel WATCH (MassiveMusic).